My Best Place Pictures

We live on a beautiful little planet, and I love exploring it.  As Michael Palin once said, “Travel, at its best, is a process of continually conquering disbelief”.  I am often stunned, and frequently overwhelmed, by the richness of the experience when visiting a place where I have never been before.  I may or may not have had expectations – it doesn’t matter. It can still be the same when returning to a place where I have been before, as both of us, the place and myself, probably changed in the interim.

As a passionate photographer, I also love the challenge of finding a good perspective and am happy when it works.  Here are some examples where I feel that it did.  You’ll notice that I am not all that much into people photography, to put it mildly, but a few of these shots even include actual humans(!).  You can probably find shots of any and all of these places on the internet.  But, hey, those aren’t mine.  😉 

We all know that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder”, as a friend of mine likes to say, so it is perfectly ok if your views disagree with mine.  I nevertheless hope you will enjoy these pictures as much as I do.